Who are we?

To best answer that, The Wandering Palate aka Curtis Marsh, who whilst awarding Mount Edward Red Wine of the Year in 2012, paraphrased the following:

Mount Edward belongs to a wild fermenting gaggle of Central Otago vignerons that have evolved like a Band of Brothers; all to a varying degree recalcitrant, insubordinate, revolutionist, mischievous, ingenious, jocular and witty but in the Neo-Darwinism of the New Zealand wine industry, they are the dynamic – the avant-garde.

They are above all, pinot noir producers, a certain nonconformist genus that has a different polymorphism and charisma to say, cabernet sauvignon producers who are invariably straight-laced people, making rigid, prudish (Bordeaux-style) wines.

These Central Otago rebels with a cause are however genuinely altruistic and beyond their bonhomie and flippant masquerade is a resolute and earnest determination to achieve distinctiveness.

With that we are...

Duncan Forsyth

John Buchanan, a New Zealander living in Bermuda, returned to his native Otago in 2003 on a mission to find a winemaking partner. He hooked up with Duncan during that year and together they further developed the Morrison vineyard in Lowburn. John has since gone on to be instrumental in developing the Muirkirk vineyard on Felton Road, Bannockburn. Still based in Bermuda, John is actively developing the company's export markets and future direction.

Duncan Forsyth arrived in the area in 1993. After working with many of the region's top estates, plus working in Oregon, Germany and California, Duncan then put roots down in the late 1990's planting the Morrison Vineyard on Wanaka Road near Cromwell. In late 2003 he teamed up with John Buchanan with the pair taking on Mount Edward in 2004. 

Anna Riederer, our West Coast and Swiss influenced winemaker runs and drives the Mount Edward winery. A professional wino, Swiss cheese brings style and a sense of balance unknown to consistently occur within our walls. Martinborough, let alone Burgundy, has lost a talent honed in those great wine regions. All the better for us and Central Otago.

Tim Austin Moorhouse grows all of our estate wines and is driven by strong sense of dedication to all that encompasses our vineyard farms. Tim has brought our wines further ahead with a natural approach to farming that allows our own particular style of organics to grow wines of balance and integrity.